Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To DIVA or not to DIVA... That was the question.

I have been working with tungsten based lighting forever and just recently got into KinoFlos and LED technology. Wow what a difference. Each technology has it strong points. I still love the way my open face pars wrap around people and objects -- but the flexibility of the Divas to conform to any situation is really great. The instant color change out and the dimming capability is perfect for almost everything.

As more and more LED instruments are available we are certainly working in a great time for lighting. But, I believe you will still need some good fire power to keep up with daylight spilling into (or onto) your set if there's no way to control it. The LEDs continue working there way up to the power of the Divas and the brute force of a Mighty Mole (at a reasonable price point) but will need a little more time to get there. Please send in a comment or suggestion if you know of some reasonably prices LED solutions out there in the 1K & 2K power range...

The bottom line is to use the instruments that work for you -- but also to be open to new technology when it comes to lighting. I recently bought two DIVA 400s from a friend and love using them. They compliment my tungsten kits perfectly. I'm a little late to the game for this config, but keying with 56K and using 32K for kickers and background is an awesome combination. Plays really nice in mixed light situations. And, you get full "poop" out of all your instruments. Very cool...

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Newport Beach Film Festival

Went to the Newport Beach Film Festival yesterday. Saw 4 terrific shorts.
It was very inspiring. The first short was shot in film. Then next on the Si2k and my guess is the last 2 were shot on the RED. All very nice. Some had more grading and CGI than others. Going back tomorrow to see some of the animation short films. More to follow...

Friday, April 23, 2010


Welcome to my blog. I thought I should finally jump in and write something here...

I plan to post thoughts and experiences with various projects and gear. Everything from HDSLRs to Sony XDCAM EX 35mm lens adapters and beyond.

I look forward to comments from others and varying viewpoints.

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